The #StateofME : Top 20 Reasons to love Maine.

Maine is a complex, marvelous place to be. It has all that is wonderful about the natural world, and beautiful about the nature of our humanity. It also has lots of snow, moose, bears, pine trees, salty fishermen and some seriously delicious food.

My Maine Top 20:

  1. We have lobster and lots of it. We understand the reason why these crustaceans were once “poor man’s trash food”-  We are each allowed to have a license for up to 5 lobster traps to catch it just for our families. We sometimes get tired of eating it and feel darn luxurious about saying, “I think I’ll have a hamburger tonight.” 
  2. We have a relatively small population (around 1.1 million statewide). This leads to short lines at the DMV, less traffic, and the chance to pop out for dinner without having to make a reservations 4 months in advance.
  3. The autumn is spectacular and the density of trees makes for a magnificent display of reds, rich golds, oranges and yellows. It is showstoppingly beautiful. In fact, you can’t even come up with enough positive adjectives to describe it. We promise/swear/emphatically/vehemently decree.
  4. We are the home of companies like L.L. Bean, Allagash Brewing,and Idexx. We invented the Bean duck boot, the rebirth of American-brewed, Belgian beers and hundreds of life-saving animal vaccines..not to mention all the other good, long-lasting stuff that you have in your home right now. Boom!
  5. There are hundreds of celebrities who “camp out” in Maine every summer.  We can claim Stephen King and Patrick Dempsey as native sons, along with multiple U.S. presidents and a plethora of authors, actors and artists.
  6. It is beautiful here: the seacoast is as picturesque as it is on your postcard. We have mountains, coast, farms and the Number 1 most photographed lighthouse in the world.Yes, it is real and it is called the Portland Head Light. lighthouse Maine @kafcooks Kristin Fuhrmann Simmons
  7. We are close to Quebec, Canada – within 4 hours drive of the coast. The food, culture and language make you feel like you have crossed the pond for a European vacation. The drive time makes it easy and affordable – not to mention that it is a chance to remember your primary school french lessons and eat lots of poutine (french fries with cheese curds and gravy).
  8. The food scene in Portland is world class, burgeoning with small batch food makers and craft brewers. We have a ton of James Beard Awards winning chefs and enough micro breweries to satisfy the thirstiest of trolling college students and hipsters from the large, smugly-satisfied cities.
  9. People CHOOSE Maine on purpose. Many of us are “from away” and will be “from away” forever. It doesn’t bother us when we are told that when our kids are born here, “Just ‘cause a cat has her kittens in the oven, doesn’t make ’em muffins.” Say that 10x fast in a salty brogue.
  10. You can camp on one of our hundreds of seacoast islands for free – like your own island paradise. Many campers have been known to skinny dip in the small blue island coves. It’s very cold but it sure is fun.
  11. We have thousands of active sugar shacks and a heavy flowing supply of maple syrup. We know the joy of “Maple Syrup Sunday” with packed tables piled high with pancakes, butter and locally made sausages. We buy our syrup by the gallon.
  12. The copious amount of snow means great skiiing, snowshoeing and lots of ice skating.  We love outdoor sports so much that there is even a statewide program for ALL 5th-7th graders to ski and snowboard on Maine mountains for FREE.
  13. Kids in Maine are born hearty. We feel like we are on a tropical vacation when the temperatures rise above 35 degrees. This is great for when you go on a trip out-of-state and experience a “vacation cold day” where everyone else thinks it’s too brisk to swim at the hotel pool. The pool will invariably be empty and the Mainers will have it all to themselves.
  14. We are home to hundreds of summer sleepaway camps with names like “Oh-At-Ka” and “Pinewood Cove”. They are wholesome, retro, and still have canoeing, archery and record hop dances between the boys and girls cabins.
  15. Maine is home to one the last wooden boat building schools in the world. You can learn to craft a coracle, a punt, a schooner or a skiff. You can also learn how to tie all the knots and trim all the sails. Each summer, the school hosts a launch day, sailor or pirate garb is optional.
  16. The moose are huge and pause-worthy. Most of us have seen the antlered giants within the vicinity of our home and out in the wild. Considering that most of us live in the vicinity of the wild, it is kind of an easy feat.
  17. We all have at least 50 jobs. Yes, we work a lot here in the Pine State and many of us have chosen to be here to create a lifestyle away from the hullabaloo of the city. We have the most renaissance people per capita of anywhere in the world. This makes for excellent neighbors, as your accountant friend also will have the skills to dress down a deer, unclog a toilet and bake your wedding cake.
  18. We don’t leave Maine in the warm season. Some argue that Maine should be in the Atlantic Time Zone over the Eastern Time Zone. In the summer, the sun comes up early and stays up late. As a result, our warmest days are long and beautiful. The evening light makes for perfect BBQ nights with games of tag and capture-the-flag.
  19. Farm-to-table was a way of life for Maine before it was popular.  Most of us are within arms-reach of a farm and everyone of us has a neighbor who sells fresh eggs. We know what it is to have a real, golden yellow omelette.
  20. The true Brand of ME? We are salty, hearty and gregarious people. Wouldn’t you want to join us?

What are your reasons for loving Maine?  Share them with #StateofME.

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