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At the age of 40, I am finally a runner.

How did I get here?  Let me tell you:

In the beginning, I was an athlete – from Elementary School all the way through High School.  I was an Maryland State “All-Star” and nominated into the Hall of Fame for Field Hockey. I saw myself as a capable, strong player  – sporty even.

As quickly as those accolades came in my younger years, so did they fade: the titles and photos of championships became the fodder for reunion party decorations and alumni “send-us-your-money” capital campaigns.

I spent the better part of  the 20-years after High School, coasting along on the advantage of youth; with the excuse/belief that I had no “time” to exercise as a young mother and entrepreneur.  I never did see myself as a classic ‘has been’-type. I didn’t feel like the stereotypical adult who clung to past championships in order to feel life’s glory. I  didn’t recount play-by-plays, nor did I spend a lot of time gazing at muscly pictures of myself in my yearbook.

Don’t get me wrong: my time as an athlete in school was fantastic; I felt strength, I loved the camaraderie and I loved the sports (lacrosse & field hockey).  I was NOT however, one of those girls who carried it over to university and on into adult life.

I DID however, believe myself (even as I edged closer to my “middle age”) to be something I was no longer: a spry, lithe athlete.

When I decided two years-ago to run a HALF MARATHON, it was that youthful hangover that made me think, “Sure, I can do it!”

It was not until that first training run – you know, the one where you leap up, new shoes tied perfectly, iphone situated in the cinched armband holder, Headsweats visor perched perfectly atop your head, pencil in hand to check off the 1st day of your printed, tailored training schedule, etc. etc. etc…that I pooped-out right out of the driveway.

I quickly sobered up.

The truth: I was OUT OF SHAAAAAAPE!

What happened to the sporty ME who I once knew?

Nothing.  She was still there… a least in spirit.

Glass Slipper Challenge - here I come!  Disney Expo 2014

Glass Slipper Challenge – here I come! Disney Expo 2014

I just needed to recondition myself and get to know what it felt like to be an overweight adult who had the muscle condition of  a mom who lifts kids, vacuums, and hauls a lot of s++t to and from the car.

Motivation was key: I had signed up to run the runDisney 1/2 Marathon in 2013 (more on that soon) with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

It was that young, sporty girl who picked that distance. It was a good thing too, as the heft of that goal provided me with the momentum needed to get across the finish line.

It was literally the old adage of “step-by-step” that got me through- and the new found appreciation of never taking health (both personal and family) for granted.

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