I am fired-up for the Type-A Parent Conference in Atlanta this September, 2014!

I love to connect with my peers, grow and learn.  Conferences are my fuel, my energy source and touchstone – they are the place where I receive the constructive feedback I crave.

I rely on them as part of my continuing adult education.

I was referred to Type-A via my friends at the Disney Social Media Moms, On the Road Conference.  Hands-down. my informal poll results pointed to the Type-A Conference.  Everyone of the Disney moms in-the-know stated that, “Type-A was the place to learn, grow, and push yourself and be the best blogger you can be.”

I set out to find out more and to sign up.

My goal as a blogger has been to refine myself and to ask questions so that my digital presence BEST reflects the professional person who I am.

Type-A’s agenda for Atlanta includes industry leaders and corporate speakers, as well as content, marketing, technical seminars that I can’t wait to attend. Social parties cap off each night: I know that I will return home from a veritable treasure trove of information and practical advice.

Wan to join? The Type-A Parent conference is offering a special discount for 24-hours only: Include the code: blogpartner in the discount code section and get 25% off the conference fees. 


Corporate sponsors like Disney Parks and Colgate participate in the conference.

Corporate sponsors like Disney Parks and Colgate participate in the conference.


Why you should go:

A bit about the Type-A Parent, straight from the horse’s mouth:

This hub is the place to connect with not only the influencers, but the super influencers. Each time a list of power moms and top bloggers is released, it heavily features current and past contributors and editors of the site…

Type-A also brings together hundreds of social media influencers in real life (IRL). Type-A Parent Conference is the world’s top conference for parent bloggers. In Atlanta for our 6th annual conference, the event attracts major corporations and hundreds of parents who blog.” more…

Here are my top 4 reasons to go to the Type-A Parent Conference:

1.) Get your questions answered: There are hundreds of bloggers, social media gurus and writers out there, just like you and me, who are trying to figure it all out: How do I schedule myself?  Create a editorial calendar? Where do I go for technical assistance? And on and on!

Conferences provide you with the resources you need to get your questions answered and to feel the power of a whip-smart community. It is great to have peer-support and tap in to the resources that other bloggers have used.  I learned about the marvels of Canva.com for infographics and of Buffer for scheduling my social media posts – straight from my peers at a local conference.

2.) Networking: Let’s face it: working at home can be a lonely prospect. Hours can fly by without anyone to talk to or get feedback from. It is GREAT to be able to put a face, personality and real-time connection to our online community  Conferences can help you can do just that. Meeting with our peers, face-to-face, provides us with the human connection we all need AND gives us the chance to share our expertise and ideas.  The more we have the opportunity for in-person interaction with bloggers, influencers and sponsors, the more we build trust and friendships.

Those relationships in turn, become the building blocks for a successful online and offline community.

 3.) Jump-Start: I need the jolt of energy that conferences provide.  Inspiration, leadership, support and encouragement are plentiful at every conference I have attended. I expect Type-A will have this in spades.

4.) Takeaways: While the goodie bags are always great, the resource connections are even better.  You go to the conference with one set of tools – you leave with the skills to use those tools to your maximum benefit.

I hope to see you there!


 More about the Type-A Parent Conference:

Type-A Parent Conference, in its sixth year, is the world’s largest conference for parent bloggers. The conference has a well-established reputation for outstanding learning with actionable takeaways. It features power networking with the best and brightest parents who blog plus the major brands and firms who want to engage them. Type-A is where influential digital parents grow their business and connect. Register at TYPEAPARENT Use code BLOGPARTNER to get 25% off for 24 hours only!” (typeaparent.com)

Kristin Fuhrmann-Simmons