I sat across from Gina and she looked up at the ceiling.

“I am a very spiritual person.  I think that is in everything that I am and I have to do.”

I sat in that post-massage bliss that lends a cloud-like softness to movement and thoughts.  I smiled in agreement.

Gina had just given me one of the best massages of my life.  I couldn’t help but agree that it was both technically excellent, and that she had that quality in her profession that put her in the next tier of practitioner.

Gina Badillo is the part owner to Purple Passion in Caye Caulker, Belize.  Her sister and partner Stacey Badillo, began the business as a way to run their own spa . Their youngest sister, Candy Badillo, also a clinician, works in the front of the house doing nails, hair and makeup.  Each of the sisters is professionally trained. Each of the sisters exude a kindness of spirit that makes you feel like you have known them forever.

After years as stylists and cosmetologists, Gina and her sister Stacey both trained with a healer and licensed massage therapist to expand their clinical skills.  “We both knew that we wanted to offer more and that we were more too.”  said Gina.  The sisters added on a massage room to their existing salon with a full soaking tub for body treatments and areas for the table.

We decided amidst our vacation and food travels to treat ourselves: the girls each had a pedicure, Mark and I went for massages.

“Its an oasis in there.” said my husband Mark.  “You can’t hear anything from the road – its perfectly peaceful. Its quiet and I felt like I could take a nap in there for hours.”  I agreed.

There is something to the energy of spaces that can be intangible in words: it is as if the Purple Passion massage room’s nature, puts you at ease.

Imagine a room – the warm colors, aromas of the oils and the softness of the sheets connect with your immediate and present need to relax.  The room does its job, and it is as if you could lie on the table, listening to the chiming, meditative music and that would be enough.

And then, the massage began.  A petite woman, Gina had exceptional power and was able to do a combination of deep tissue and Swedish techniques. Her skills work out muscle tension and strain in a manner that left me feeling both relieved and relaxed.  The hour-long massage went from head to toe, front and back.  She finished the massage with a refreshing mist that cleansed my skin and brought me back to the present.


Purple Passion is open to walk-in and appointments. We found that it was a much needed rejuvenation from the rigors of travel and persistent sun exposure.  The Spa offers full nail, skin, hair, makeup and massage treatments.  It is located one block from the Caye Caulker Plaza Hotel, across from Rose’s Restaurant. 

501-666-8845 number updated on 4/30/2012

Kristin Fuhrmann Simmons

13 thoughts on “A passion that’s more than purple- Caye Caulker massage

  1. Hey Kristin: Just wondering whose number is 5012260446? Cause I know it is not Purple Passion’s. Lovely article. YOu would not believe the power Gina can put into her massage when looking at her petite frame. Makes me believe she is a spiritual person that gives it her all.

    • It’s listed in the BZ yellow pages phone book. Thanks for the correction and if you have the official number, please post it here! I will make the changes! Thanks and let me know how your next massage is!

  2. Thanks Jo! I will change it in the article. Happy Spa Day – let me know the next time you go!

  3. Take me there, please. As always your writing enables the reader to be there.

  4. Excellent Blog Post! I’m sure women all over the world would give anything to be at Caye Caulker getting this kinda spiritual overhall.

  5. Excellent Blog Post! I’m sure women all over the world would do anything to get this kinda spiritual spa treatment 🙂

    • Thank you! It is a magical place – worth a day trip from the mainland or an overnight on the island.

    • They ARE wonderful people and great clinicians. I had the BEST deep tissue massage of my life at PP. Thanks for sharing this!

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