The fresh natural juice looked particularly bright today. It quenched my thirst after a long walk around the new beachfront “facelift” on Caye Caulker. Sand had been built up behind concrete retaining walls to prevent erosion on the reef side of the island. It’s looked smart, fresh and clean. The morning was already warm, and made even warmer by the exercise. At Amor y Cafe, I sat down to eat breakfast. I drank the orange juice down quickly and began to write.

Three months in Belize have passed. I love this country- its places, its food and mostly its people. I fill up with tears – of joy and sadness, and sentimentality. This trip has exceeded my expectations, both professionally and personally.

For readers who are thinking about taking a trip to Belize, do it now. You will find an open door and excitement for life that will refresh you.

For the Belizeans who have opened their doors to me and to my family, thank you for your hospitality, your caring, and your friendship.Thanks, tanks and gracias.

There is more to come on Belize, so keep posted.

For now, I am full.

And yes that has a double meaning.

Kristin Fuhrmann Simmons

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