This is my slideshow of the Belize Zoo. Click on the photo to start show. By Ellie Simmons.

Hi there. It’s me Ellie. We went to the Zoo in Belize and saw many animals I have never seen before.

Here is my slideshow. I took most of the pictures with also help from my mom and dad and Ava.

Look for my movie of the ocelot. She was so sweet and was like my cat Curry the way she rubbed up on the cage. She kept meowing and I really wanted to touch her but my mom and dad said she was still a wild animal.

The tapirs are neat and funny. They eat two buckets of fruit each morning. Their favorite zoo food is cucumbers.

The spider monkeys thought we were the zookeepers with food. That’s why they stood up in the trees for us.

I didn’t want to see the snakes. We just took a picture of the sign only.

They have lots of ways to help save the animals of Belize. You can go there and pay money for tickets or help keep your town green. It helps all animals around the world. You can also adopt an animal to help pay for care and food.

Note from the family:

The zoo is a great family stop in Belize. The staff are very friendly. The animals are well cared for and the paths are easy to navigate. Take water and bug spray as you are in the animals natural habitat. It’s great to go in the mornings to watch the feeding times. You can also arrange to go in the “cage within a cage” of resident jaguar, Junior Buddy, sponsored by the Belize Tourism Board. The allows for an up close view of Belize’s signature feline

The Belize Zoo is at 29 western highway, Ladyville, Belize. Tel: 501-220-8004. Www.belizezoo.org

Good job Ellie! We are very proud of her and her work. In fact, she and her sister Ava shared the lion’s share of note taking and photography for this project.

Edited slightly by Kristin Fuhrmann Simmons

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  1. I still haven’t been to the Belize Zoo– you really made me want to go, Ellie. I’ve seen some of these animals in the wild in Belize, like howler monkeys. They make a funny sound!

  2. What a great story! I wish I could see the spider monkey! Miss all of you!!!

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