A quick view around Belize City.

I was taken on a tour by the gentle and kind owner of S&L tours of Belize City, Lascelle Tillett.  Lascelle is a Board Member to the Belizean Audubon Society, and was as happy to talk about the nature of Belize as well as the city ins-and-outs. Meeting Lascelle was as exciting, if not more so than the tour itself.  It was a testament that culture is at best alive in the people you meet.

The lighthouse s the sentinal marker of the harbor, visible from my hotel and the loop road. It is a memorial for Baron Edward Bliss, a British traveler and lover of all-things Belize (formerly British Honduras). Much to the consternation of his family,  he bequeathed his large trust to the country, that has served as a foundation point for many of Belize’s social-system buildings and services.

The church is the 1st Church of England in the New world, made from bricks that were brought from England as ballasts in the mahogany trade ships. Slaves carried the bricks via tender boat, as the Belize harbor is shallow. Mahogany was then cut in long square-shaped logs and loaded for the building trade in Europe.

The large gated house is the former governor’s house where QE2 stayed during her last state visit.  It was the site of the infamous “Alley Rat” that sparked curiosity and sensationalism in the British Press over the much beloved Belizean Gibnut. It is home now to the Belize House of Culture.

The wood homes shown pepper the city and King’s Park that is bordered by Princess Margaret Drive, a large loop strip developed in the past 15 years to shuttle Cruise ship guests easily around the city and to the country’s interior for day adventures.  Many wooden homes have been standing for over 100 years, however, a majority of the town’s traditional structures were destroyed during Hurricane Hattie.

Of course, the eating has been magnificent.  The food star of my city tour night, was an Indian Flag painted Alloo Cashew Naan.  It was a 1st for me and my dining partner Julie Schweitert Collazo.

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  1. Did the flag make the naan taste better? It is awesome to read about the variety of eateries and entrees available. Enjoy

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